Allenby and Associates
Architecture, Planning, Construction Management
Kealaola, LLC

In the case when there is no General Contractor, Allenby and Associates can act as our Client’s professional representative during the construction process. We will act as your liaison, advocate and coordinator between the sub-contractors and material suppliers to get the project built on time and in budget.

While Allenby and Associates has little control over the sub-contractor’s and material supplier’s means and methods, we can provide the construction management that is required to produce a successful project.  We coordinate the construction process, monitor, document and assess the project’s progress to our Client.  We also coordinate with the Architect of Record, assisting in the clarification of questions, review of substitution requests and submittals.

As the Construction Manager, we act as partners with our Client in the development and construction of the building or complex.

Our local Construction Management division takes our Client’s mind off the day-to-day coordination effort during the construction process and provides the required overview, supervision, and management to build your facility. 

In short, Allenby and Associates acts as the managing owner builder/contractor that takes the project from a set of drawings to reality.