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Kealaola, LLC

During construction, Allenby and Associates, as the architect of record, is willing to serve as your professional representative, as a liaison and advocate between the General Contractor and you.  While Allenby and Associates has little control over the General Contractor’s means, methods, techniques, schedules, sequences or procedures, we can monitor, document and report the project’s progress to you, clarify questions from the contractor and review the project’s development for compliance with the Contract Documents.  Typical “CA” service will include the following: 

  • Schedule of Values and Schedule: review, document, monitor and apprise 

  • Submittals:  review submittals, product substitutions and materials from the general contractor for compliance with the CD’s

  • Contractor Questions:  review and respond to contractor questions, issue supplemental documentation as required

  • Site Visits: visit the site for site observations as requested, requested, or based on the construction schedule

  • Site Reports: review site conditions, evaluate from our observations the construction progress, and document

  • Payment Applications: review, recommend and disperse

  • Change Orders: review, evaluate, recommend, negotiate if requested, and disperse

  • Observations: review and evaluate the phases of construction, provide oversight, and prepare/certify substantial completion

  • Punch List: prepare a list of all outstanding items remaining for general contractor to do as specified in the CD’s

  • Final: upon notification from the general contractor, evaluate the construction and issue the final Certificate for Payment to the general contractor

During the Construction Administration phase, every aspect of the project we handle is one less thing for you to worry about.  We act as your knowledgeable and professional representative. 

As partners in the development and construction of your facilities, our Construction Administration division shares the common goal of taking your mind off being in the “hot seat” and provides the required oversight.

It is our goal to customize a delivery system that is flexible and works for you.