Allenby and Associates
Architecture, Planning, Construction Management
Kealaola, LLC

The  Lake Tahoe Basin and Hawaiian Islands both offer many unique challenges for consideration when designing residential or commercial projects.

To meet these challenges, Allenby and Associates’ design approach is that each project is unique.  Quality architecture, that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient in its use of materials and function, and is in harmony with its surroundings, and environment does not just happen. 

We at Allenby and Associates have 70 years of combined experience in architectural design and project management.  That experience is what it takes to produce quality architecture, and to orchestrate a project from a concept to reality. 

To fulfill the specific needs of our Client’s project we assemble a design team, a combination of collaborative designers, architects, engineers, strategic programmers, program managers, construction managers, contractors and material suppliers.  This team of integrated professional consultants is coordinated and managed by our local in-house staff.  Through this orchestrated collaboration the project design is developed, formalized and constructed.  We have found that through the participation and the assembly of a diverse design team, remarkable architectural results are produced.

Each project demands that we fully listen to and understand our Client. An architectural design must meet the expectations, needs, budget and schedule of our Client.  Every project also requires us to research and assess the project function, form, proposed location, architectural systems, and other cultural and environmental factors distinctive to the site and project.

Through the design and management expertise that we at Allenby and Associates provide, sustainable quality architecture happens.