Allenby and Associates
Architecture, Planning, Construction Management
Kealaola, LLC

Beijing, China

A Design/Build improvement to a nineteenth-century neoclassical hotel in the Peoples Republic of China.  The project scope included construction of a new lobby atrium and main entrance by enclosing an existing forecourt.  The remodel included the demolition of the existing structure, the construction of a roof assembly and structure, the fabrication and installation of a vaulted skylight, and construction of a new curtain wall and grand entrance.

Developed the design and working documents.  Oversaw production of construction documents, as well as the fabrication of structural and architectural components.  Assisted in the procurement of materials and supplies, and the recruitment of construction staff.  Prepared and negotiated contracts, invoices and oversaw freight “Bills of Lading”.  Scheduling.  Estimating.  Responsible for all aspects of construction administration, and the coordination of material and equipment suppliers.