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Architectural Design
The Hawaiian Islands offer many unique challenges for consideration when designing residential or commercial projects.
Program Management
We provide representation during the entire project, from its preparatory design phase through construction.
Construction Management
We coordinate the construction process with the architect of record when there is no overall general contractor.
Concept Design and Development
We work closely with our Clients and involve them in the concept design development process.
Interior Design and Procurement
We design, locate and specify owner-supplied materials and furnishings, and incorporate them into our designs, thus creating a piece of architecture that is whole.
Permits and Government Approvals
We prepare and monitor the myriad of permit applications, documentation and plans.
Construction Administration
We serve as your advocate and liaison with the general contractor.
Material and Equipment Procurement
We locate and obtain the materials you desire for your construction project.
Project Approach
Learn more about our approach to the Design, Development and Delivery of a project.
Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
Find out how we deal with these vital topics.

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