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The overall development of a project involves many facets outside the scope of standard architectural design, practice, and document production.

As Program Manager, we act on behalf of and represent our Client from planning, through design and construction. We facilitate the development of the architectural program and act as the master architect or architectural peer coordinating, assessing, and managing the overall design process. 

Allenby and Associatesí program management services supplement the design and production services that are provided by the Architect of Record and contractors.  While we have little control over the Architect of Recordís production techniques, or procedures, we can monitor, review, and report the projectís design and implementation progress to our Client. As the Program Manager, we coordinate the design team, assist in the clarification of program questions, and provide supervision and review. Likewise, during construction we provide similar management and supervision. 

As the Program Manager, we partner, on behalf of our Client, with the entire design and development team, including; real estate brokers, special consultants, planners, architects and engineers in the architectural production of the building complex.  In short, we act as your professional agent as a centralized conduit for the distribution of information, concepts and program requirements.

Our locally based program management division takes our Clientís mind off the day-to-day coordination and resolution of design issues during the design and architectural production process.

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