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Dining RoomAllenby and Associates, as a full service architectural design firm, can provide in-house interior design services. We have extensive experience in interior design, and in the design of furniture. Our interior design department is experienced in the selection of interior furnishings, products, and materials in both color and texture that will harmonize with the tastes of our Clients, and the architecture of the building.

The Hawaiian Islands offer much in the way of natural beauty and a peaceful environment. But locating and obtaining the materials our Client’s desire for their construction project may be another matter.

We at Allenby and Associates offer our Clients an alternative to the often costly and “piecemeal” procurement practices for which the Hawaii construction industry is sometimes known.

We arrange for acquisition, coordinate containerizing, shipping and delivery to the site Dining Roomof all the owner-supplied items. We coordinate the delivery of these items within the construction timeline, so the construction schedule is not impacted by not having these items on site when needed.

In addition to importing materials, fixtures, and equipment from off the island, should our Client desire to incorporate detail finishes, materials, or furnishings created by our local artisans and craftsmen, our team of professionals can coordinate the design and production of these custom materials or furnishings.

Allenby and Associates makes the task easy for our Clients by designing, locating and specifying owner-supplied materials and furnishings, and incorporating them into our designs, thus creating a piece of architecture that is whole.

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