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We work closely with our Clients and involve them in the concept design development process. We mutually develop the architectural program and master plan.  Our mission is to develop a partnership between our client and design team so we can create a superior and integrated building that meets our Client’s needs and budget. 

 The architectural program is the foundation on which the design of the building is defined.  This program establishes the overall concept, philosophy and design approach for the building. 

Through the development of the architectural program we identify and define our Client’s priorities and needs so they will be in harmony with the concept, budget, and schedule and in balance with the building’s basic style and character. 

In developing the concept, we establish the building space adjacencies, orientation, and function.  We define the general construction materials, building systems, and design elements that are to be specified, and how these materials and systems will be coordinated and used.

During the planning process we locate the building on the site with respect to specific concerns, such as historic, cultural, and environmental factors, which will further establish and define the building’s design style and character. 

This planning process transforms a thought into reality; sketches into a building.



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