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Allenby and Associates announce the opening of their Kona Coast office

September 20, 2002 -- With over 20 years of experience in Hawaii, the mainland and overseas, Allenby and Associates is a full service architectural firm, licensed in Hawaii and California, with and excellent understanding of the working environment of Hawaii.  Offering architectural, design, planning, and construction management services.

Allenby and Associates specialize in architectural production, construction administration, procurement, strategic representation/program management (owner liaison), and construction management.  We provide a locally based owner representation, thereby circumventing the need for the owner to be constantly present.  Our services extend beyond those traditionally provided by some architectural firms. We are constantly searching for new and innovative designs, construction materials, and system alternatives. We encourage and integrate into our projects the use of creative and cost-effective alternatives in sustainable design and construction, thus creating an environment that is in balance with itself and nature.  We offer services that exceed our clients’ needs, requirements, and expectations whether the project is a minor renovation or new construction. 

Lawton Allenby, the firm’s principal architect, expresses the firm’s philosophy as being based on the premise,  “We satisfy our client's need for efficiency, style, and service without compromising design quality or integrity, while at the same time remaining sensitive to the Hawaiian environment and culture”.  Jill Dian`ne, the firm’s Associate Program and Project Manager states that, “Our goal is to produce an elegant example of marketable architecture, constructed within budget and schedule, with the least amount of challenge.  In other words, the end result is an innovation of style and grace and the process of creation fun.” 

Services offered include:

  • Architectural Design

  • Architectural Production

  • Strategic Representation / Program Management

  • Planning and Architectural Programming

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Management

  • Constructability Evaluations

  • Peer Review

  • Project Management

  • Material and Equipment Procurement

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Coordination

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Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
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